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Ryan Speltz, Certified Divorce Lending Professional® in Pinellas County

Ryan Speltz, CDLP®  CMA  Certified Divorce Lending Professional in Pinellas County

Ryan Speltz


There are over 17,000 pieces of legislation against mortgage,  and the divorce mortgage process can truly be a minefield for those trying to navigate it without a Divorce Mortgage Planner in their corner. According to there were approximately 2960 divorces in Pinellas County alone in 2021 (source). In order to support you through the divorce and after, Ryan will work with the divorce team to ensure the language in your settlement statement is correct and supports the current mortgage guidelines so the issues often experienced after divorce are minimized. Often times wording can be slightly incorrect, and the mortgage guidelines do not agree with them, making it near impossible for you to get a home loan once the settlement statement is finalized. It is not the responsibility of your Divorce Attorney, Financial Planner or Tax Professional to know and understand these guidelines, as they change often. This is where a CDLP® fits in and provides value to your Divorce team.

Ryan and his team focus on all things divorce and continually stay up to date on all the mortgage guidelines surrounding divorce. Ryan’s team will fight for you after your divorce as well. We operate in a financial neutral advisor role throughout your divorce, and we will continue our fiduciary role by guiding you through your equity buy-out refinance, purchase, or any mortgage transaction that occurs after your divorce. We will provide exemplary value to all of our clients, partners and everyone in between. We are here for you throughout these difficult and life-changing events.

Ryan Speltz, CDLP® CMA